Have a social media influencer cover your PGA Tour event!

As the social media influencer host of your PGA Tour event I will:

  • Interact with golf fans on site.
  • Involve tournament spectators in the social media coverage of the event.
  • Show your social media followers a "behind the scenes" view they don't get to see on TV.
  • Reach a wider demographic audience via social media.
  • Allow a friendly familiar face (me!) to give a human touch to the coverage of the event.
  • Build a connection and interact with golf fans all over the world.
  • Leverage my own social media following (over 31k on Instagram as of March 2018) to get followers to your account and engagement to your posts.
  • Create social media posts that comply with the event's requirements and preferences.

Let’s discuss how I can enhance your social media marketing plan.
Would love the opportunity to be a part of your event.


The Honda Classic (Feb 22-25, 2018)

25% increase in Instagram followers from Tuesday's practice round through Sunday's final round.